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Kindale Causeway's Cobblers Wax

Kindale Causeway's Cobblers Wax

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Causeway's Cobblers Wax by Kindale Fly Fishing 

Causeway's Cobblers wax is an excellent option for fly tyers seeking to create Greenwells colour on primrose coloured thread. The wax is designed to darken bright-colored threads, such as primrose, and produce a more dun hue. Cobblers wax is made from high-quality ingredients and is produced in-house by Kindale, Nerwy. Simply run your thread through the wax to achieve the desired effect.

The hexagonal shape is a nod to a part of the world we are from, The Causeway Coast & Glens. A little nod to the massive interlocking columns creating the infamous Giants Causeway. 

Brand: Kindale Fly Fishing | Nerwy | Northern Ireland 


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