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North Atlantic Fishing Northern Ireland.

We are a not-for-profit unincorporated association membership organisation whom has wrote and agreed on a constitution.

We are a family team with voting members who do not depend on income from North Atlantic Fishing NI in any way as all our member's are either in full time education, full time employment/ self employment or enjoying retirement. 

We all enjoy the outdoors, wildlife, nature, and our rural surrounding's here in Northern Ireland and make the most out of the 5 star fishing venues, both public, private, marine and game.

 Our goal is to educate and promote catch and release angling, highlight the decline of Atlantic salmon and our fresh waterways through pollution and the damaging effects of commercial over fishing etc  

We encourage everyone to get hooked on the outdoors and Angling , providing them with helpful sustainable advice.

Check out the button's for the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme and WildFish on the web-page. 

 We can help and assist with filling out DAERA  angling e-permits and rod licences for O.A.P's as we know this can be difficult for the older generation and the price they offer is to good to miss out.

Our charge for this service is zero just email info@northatlanticfishing.com and enquire about DAERA angling area permit and rod licence and we can arrange an appointment and tell you what details you need.

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